I’m reading, but they ain’t novels

People often ask if I enjoy reading. By default I say “no”.

However, this is factually incorrect – but it’s rarely worth explaining what I’m reading. Like games, comic books often get a bum deal – they’re “just for kids”.

Wrong. There are so many adult stories occurring in this space that deserve wider recognition. Everyone knows that great books often turn into great movies, but we forget that some of the highest grossing movies and shows are based on comics!

The Walking Dead, Men in Black, Blade and V for Vendetta are just a handful of titles that exist because of comics. I think it’s time to give a few of you the power to say “good movie, but the comics were better” in the next couple of years…


Saga is the best thing to happen to me since Star Wars. It’s a bonkers Romeo & Juliet inspired romp through space that will without a doubt push through to film and TV before long.

It’s a tale of two lovers from warring planets that find themselves with a little miracle that needs to be kept secret – their mixed-race baby. (That’s not a late-game spoiler. The first issue has a baby on the cover and literally opens with the pretty graphic birth of the kid.)

It’s not all that serious either, with lots of laughs and relate-able characters. The alien-design is also super cool. Some of the pages will make you stand up and show the nearest person to you.

The good news…

Unlike The Walking Dead, there are only 8 volumes* to get through to be up-to-speed on the series. New to comics? That’s roughly 50 issues which in total won’t take you longer than a week or two to read.

The bad news…

There are currently only 8 volumes and boy-oh-boy do I want MORE!


This is a must-read, I’m afraid. No excuses. Especially if you enjoy Star Wars and family sitcoms, and want something a little R-rated.


Sex Criminals

This one is easy to recommend, difficult to sell.

Imagine you could freeze time when you orgasm. Then imagine you find a partner who can do the same.

Right! Well I gave it a shot…

The good news…

It’s still early days for Sex Criminals, and it’s yet to be turned into the long-anticipated TV show. It’s also laugh-out-loud funny and deals with a lot of common relationship issues, in not-so-common settings. And Suzie and Jon are some of the best protagonists you’re likely to find anywhere.

The bad news…

Not one you’ll want to read in public spaces. I’m not a prude or anything, but you wouldn’t want a kid peeking over your shoulder on the bus whilst your witnessing a transcendent orgasm, nor the kid’s parents!


If you’re worried about reading this, then I wouldn’t pick it up. If you’re the slightest bit curious, then definitely check out Sex Criminals. It’s one of the most interesting comics right now.

Sex Criminals

These two recommendations are just the start. I hope I’ve convinced you to pick up the first volume of either/both – shouldn’t put you back more than $30/£20. If not, don’t worry, I wasn’t talking to you anyways.

Best wishes y’all.



*A ‘volume’ is a collection of individual issues. Also commonly known as a ‘trade’. They come out after a series of issues is complete. Almost like getting a box-set for a season of a TV show.

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