Straight to VoD

Movies that go straight to DVD are generally considered failures. Not good enough to fill a cinema and sell some popcorn. But now we have proper big budget blockbusters going straight to video-on-demand services such as Netflix. Most recently – the movie Bright, starring Will Smith.

What I’m curious about and would actually like some feedback on, is what do you think about this becoming a thing?

Before you start having a ponder, here are my thoughts…

I love the cinema. Everyone sits down, shuts up, and focuses. Nothing worse that putting on a great film at home and seeing half the room asleep, or worse, on their phones. But many associate the rise of Netflix, Amazon Prime and others as the death of the cinema. I disagree.

Maybe cinemas need to change, not go away. Instead of showing the latest movies, why not simply show the best movies. I’d go (and pay handsomely) to see extended, or director’s cuts of Hollywood classics. Or maybe actor showcases – Best of Tom Cruise etc.

I know there are niche cinemas doing this already, but you have to live in a major city, and be in the know! How cool would a global re-release of Jaws be?! Or Kubrick films!! Remastered and in high-definition.

And then all new films can go straight to streaming services. So many homes have fancy flat-screens with expensive sound systems that it’s not such a bad way to watch high-spectacle movies. And if you don’t, you probably know someone who does.

Sure, prices for streaming will go up, but I don’t think too many would complain. Compared to a sports TV package, streaming services are a bargain. Especially as most now allow you to download and watch offline, and on the go.

And there is nothing to say cinemas can’t still show the latest films. The latest Star Wars will always require a cinema release, but maybe the latest Seth Rogen or Will Ferrell flick can go straight to Netflix.

If you’re thinking “what will happen to any cinema’s that close!“… well what about re-purposing them into drama theatres, gig halls, gaming venues and party hires?

Anyways. We’re probably a few years off from any of this being realised but it’s an interesting topic to discuss! Let me know what you think.

Best wishes y’all.


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