I finally watched The Big Sick

Indie film The Big Sick, came out mid-way through 2017. I stupidly missed it in cinemas but was jazzed to see it pop-up on Amazon Prime Video in January. I’ve now watched it and it’s easily one of my favourite flicks from 2017.

The lead protagonist is played by co-writer Kumail Nanjiani. He’s a big gamer so naturally The Big Sick was championed by all the folks I follow on twitter back when it hit cinemas in June, and I’ve been eagerly waiting for it to hit streaming services ever since. It’s is a loose retelling of how Kumail and his wife (and co-writer), Emily V. Gordan met – and it’s really good.

Kumail plays himself – a struggling Pakistani stand-up comic – and, on one fateful night in Chicago, is heckled by young white grad student, Emily (played by Zoe Kazan). From there, they have the most unconventional, but utterly human, culture-clashing journey. Whilst the film tackles very topical and serious issues, it stays enjoyably comical and heart-warming.

The script is funny, but not too funny. Sometimes the lines don’t land, or the delivery is poor and this builds an authenticity that is rarely found on screen. It’s just plain awkward. The story also constantly finds itself within a moral grey area that keeps you guessing, and questioning what you would do in each situation.

Definitely one of my favourite comedies from recent times. And Ray Romano is in it! Best of all, it’s available to all you beautiful people with Amazon Prime. Go watch it.

Best wishes y’all.


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