The unknown battle

If you’ve not heard, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (not a working-title) was 2017’s gaming sensation. It’s a Battle Royale-style game, where 100 players are dropped onto an island to fight to the death. It sold over 30 million copies before it officially released*. It won game of the year awards. It became an e-sport with prize pools ranging up to $350,000. It’s a big deal.

However, PUBG** was strictly on PC for most of last year. Because I prefer to play shooters with a controller (not mouse and keyboard), I held off buying it as I knew it would one day wind up on consoles. I didn’t have to wait long as it hit my trusty Xbox on December 12th 2017.

My first few rounds were harrowing. A new gaming experience for sure. I’ve played plenty of horror games, but none have made me cower like PUBG. When you land, the main priority is to find equipment – guns, armor, medical supplies etc. – and then you must ensure you are within an ever condensing area. Within 20 minutes or so (if you last that long) all remaining survivors are eventually forced into a small area of the island. This is where shit kicks off…

You’ve worked so hard, run so far, collected the best loot. Now you make it count. I usually die pretty quickly at this point. I see someone, panic, shoot wildly, give away my position, run for cover, get hunted and sent back to the home screen.

It’s brilliant, but it gets better.


After playing a few dozen rounds, I got on the phone. Texting all my friends to pick up the game. Every single one has bought, played and loved PUBG. It’s not hype. It’s genuinely exciting.

The game supports squads of 2, 3 or 4 players and this my favorite way to play. I’ll admit that the single player experience is more immersive. But it’s fun I’m after, and this game serves it up so consistently that I’ve played it every night for 2 weeks with my buds until way after my bedtime.

I unreservedly recommend this game.

It’s not without hiccups – it runs terribly on Xbox, looks dated, and has crashed more times than I care to remember – but it’s the thing in gaming right now, and it’s not too late to get on board.

If you’re playing on Xbox, let me know and we can panic together.

Best wishes y’all.



P.S. There’s a really great documentary behind PUBG and developer Brendan Greene that you can watch on YouTube.

*The game released in ‘Early Access’ on Steam on PC. This allows the developers to monetize the game early to fund the project. Gamers get the product at a reduced rate in return for feedback to help guide the development. It has now launched on PC but remains in Early Access on Xbox.

**PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is known to most as PUBG (pub-gee).

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