Star Warhammer

A childhood dream is coming true! The folks over at Disney have partnered (again) with Fantasy Flight Games to make Star Wars Legion. A Star Wars licensed tabletop miniature battle game.

I’m a bit slow on the news as Legion was announced August 2017, but nevertheless I’m stoked. The range of models available for pre-order is quite limited, but I will probably just start with the Core Set that contains enough Rebel and Empire troops to play a quick round.


Fantasy Flight have outlined the basic battle rules, and there are a few YouTube videos out there demoing the new figurines in action at gaming conventions. It seems to me Legion is a standard turn-based strategy game with the addition of card-based modifiers that come packaged with purchased units. I’m pretty glad about this because I don’t want to spend days learning the rules before I can play.

Read more about Star Wars Legion here.


However, my excitement is coming primarily from my creative side as units are supplied unpainted! I’ve spent the last 48 hours building an Amazon shopping list filled with hobbyist paints and tools. I used to be a die hard Warhammer 40,000 enthusiast so I know my way around a can of primer, but I was still giddy shopping for the best paint brushes and modelling knife.

There is no firm release date, but fans are expecting late March. Tabletop war-games are a niche hobby for sure, but I’ve always had an urge to return in some shape or form so this seems the ideal opportunity. The financial commitment is considerable but it can be an incredibly rewarding hobby. I just hope I still have the steady hands for painting…

The next step is to find some chums to play with! Any takers…?

Best wishes y’all.



P.S. I know it’s not technically Warhammer, or even made by Games Workshop, but I just really liked the title of the post… so… there.

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