I’m actually really enjoying this

12 blog posts published already, with a few in the bank ready to go. Writing has been the perfect way to unwind after work or if I need a quieter moment on the weekend. However, looking back at some of my posts I’ve realised they’re not all golden. But I have learned some things over the past 6 weeks…

1. Reviews are hard and I won’t do them.

Several times this year I’ve sat down to review a game or film I’ve just completed, but most of the time you never see the end result because I’m crap at it, and delete it on second reading. I think good reviews come in the form of discussion. Particularly with games. Maybe one day I’ll rally a few buds for a podcast or video, but for now I’m going to steer clear.

2. Views are easy, engagement is hard.

Views are coming thick and fast. It’s a great feeling and I want it to continue. But I also want readers to click, like, share and comment. I know that’s a lot to ask of busy people, though. And to be completely honest… I never comment on anything I read. Maybe you could just leave a like?

3. Making stuff is fulfilling.

I once heard one of my favourite game pundits, Daemon Hatfield, say something on a podcast that has stuck with me for years – “You need to create as much as you consume”. I think about that phrase almost every day. I even treat things like cooking as creating, and since I started writing, I can attest it’s very fulfilling to spend as much time on My2BC as I do consuming other blogs and YouTube channels.

4. I want to do more.

Writing doesn’t actually take that long. It helps that I don’t give a toss about grammar and do very little fact checking. So, I do have time to dedicate to the accoutrement. I’ve now updated the site, and launched Facebook and Twitter accounts for My2BC to save my friends (that have no interest in my blog) from hating me for spamming their social media feeds. If you’re reading this, please go find and follow those pages – I’ll put links below.

5. It’s addictive.

I’ve always been a numbers guy. Stats. Charts. Pluses and minuses. I love it. Seeing analytic graphs with lines pointing upwards is an addiction. I want to see those lines climb!

I want to give a big thanks to everyone who’s checked in every week. And a bigger thanks to anyone reading that doesn’t have to because they’re friends and/or family.

Best wishes y’all.



Social links:

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