Time to buy a PS4

I’m usually first and foremost an advocate for Xbox, but this March is the best time ever to jump into PlayStation.

2017 was a killer year for PlayStation owners. The list of quality console exclusive* games that came to PS4 was bananas, and 2018 isn’t letting up. Last year saw the likes of Horizon: Zero Dawn, Nier: Automata and Pyre to name a few, and 2018 has in store gems like the new God of War and Spiderman games.

The icing on the cake (and inspiration for this post) though, is that PS Plus** subscribers will be getting two incredible games in March: Rachet & Clank (2016) and Bloodborne.

Rachet & Clank was rebooted in 2016 by developer, Insomniac Games, and the result was really something. I loved every minute of this joyful action platformer, and the quality of the writing and visuals gives Pixar a run for it’s money. (I wrote a little bit more about R&C, as well as a few other remakes in Keeping up, and up-keeping)


Bloodborne is the other end of the spectrum. The visuals and tone are the last thing you would expect in a Pixar film! However, this punishing game is a true masterpiece. Definitely not for the casual gamer, but as it’s free, I highly recommend adding it to your library and trying it out. It may be the start of a long love affair with developer FromSoftware, and their catalogue of hardcore RPGs. I actually never finished Bloodborne back in 2016 so, with many newbies bound to be jumping in this March, I may pick it up again.


So if you haven’t picked up the leading console du jour, do so today and be sure to subscribe to PS Plus* from day 1. You can pick up the base version of the PS4 for less than £250/$300, and there is of course the PS4 Pro for those looking to justify the price-tag of their new 4K TV.

Best wishes y’all.


*A console exclusive simply means that the game will remain solely on that platform, but can still come to PC. E.g. No Man’s Sky released on PS4 and PC.

**PS Plus is Sony’s monthly subscription service that grants users access to the PlayStation Network (PSN). It’s a requisite for playing online and receiving the PS Plus free games of the month.

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