Heard of Warframe?

In between waiting for my crew mates to arrive on Sea of Thieves, I’ve been dabbling in Warframe – a free-to-play cooperative third-person sci-fi action/shooter (what a fuckin’ mouthful!!)

The game itself isn’t any less confused. Jumping into Warframe, 5 years after it’s launch, is like joining a chess game after 20 turns have been played. However, once you get passed it’s jumbled presentation and menus, you’re rewarded with some really interesting gameplay. It’s quick and visceral. I’m flying all over the place, slashing with my sword, taking deadly aim with my bow. It’s really cool. All the time, I’m wondering how’d I never seen gameplay of this. I mean, I have my ear to the ground, I know what’s up in gaming, but this was new.

This all started because of an excellent Noclip video documentary posted on YouTube a couple weeks ago. Danny O’Dwyer of Noclip, along with the developers at Digital Extremes, go through the trials and successes of Warframe. I was left inspired. It didn’t hurt that the game is free…

I’ve only put in a couple of hours, but it’s enough to have me yearning for more. I’m busy reading up what the hell all the items I’m collecting are, and how to maximise my load-out, and what the hell a ‘Warframe’ even is!? (It’s a remotely controlled bio-mechanical suit)

I picked a cool Warframe from the start. Couldn’t tell you what it’s called, but it shoots lightning and has a space-age bow. I only had a choice of three suits initially but I saw later on there are dozens of others should you invest a few £/$ here and there.

The game has drop-in co-op – this allows any random player to join you before or during a mission. As soon as I had some buddies, the game was 100% more fun. The risk of failure is lowered and you can experiment a bit more. I was much more aggressive and flamboyant with my special skills when I knew I had a tank-like Warframe alongside me.

After each play session, I can tell I’m progressing. I’m unlocking new mods and gear, increasing my stats, and crafting god-knows-what. But I have much to learn if i want to make the most of this.

Long and short of it… Warframe is cool, and deserves a look-in. I’m not sure Warframe will mean as much to me as it does to the thousands of die-hard fans out there, but I’m glad I have it installed alongside PUBG, Sea of Thieves, GTA etc. It fills a gap in my library. It’s quick and satisfying. And so far, it’s great value.

I’ll keep you posted on this one.

Best wishes y’all.


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