Top 5 pick-up-and-play local multiplayer games

I’ve recently been having a lot of fun playing SpeedRunners with my friends and family. It’s so quick to boot up and get into a game, and better yet, it’s easy to teach to newcomers. It’s so fun it inspired me to list the best 4-player pick-up-and-play local multiplayer games available today!


speedrunnersAvailable on: Steam, Xbox, PlayStation

Run laps of 2D obstacle courses. Last runner standing is the winner. Rounds last just a few minutes. It’s a blast, and filled with edge of your seat moments thanks to clever (but not unfair) rubber-banding mechanics.


OvercookedAvailable on: Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch

Top down cooking game. Compete against the clock to produce as many finished dishes as you can. Requires genuine team work and causes real bouts of rage. Absolute killer of a game, especially when you have a group of four on the couch.

Rayman Legends

RaymanAvailable on: Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch

2D platformer. Over 100 beautifully crafted levels. Work together to complete each one, to move on to the next. Some levels are played to famous rock tunes such as “Black Betty” and “Eye of the Tiger”. Awesome game. Great value, too!

Gang Beasts

Gang-BeastsAvailable on: Steam, Playstation

Stupid brawler. Stupid controls. Stupid looking. Stupid fun.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

LiaDSAvailable on: Steam, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch

2D action spaceship-sim. Be a pilot. Be a gunner. Be a mechanic. Just man your station and pray your teammates have your back. Super fun and colourful game.

All of these games are readily available today on the most popular platforms, and should always be installed in case of visitors on a rainy afternoon. Games are getting real big these days, but I’m glad these smaller gems are still finding their way.

There are some absolute classics on older consoles that I would love to see on current gen (like Castle Crashers) but the 5 games listed above will give you more than enough 4-player fun without wasting time teaching everyone the controls!

Best wishes y’all.


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