Splatoon 2 is still great.

I jumped back into Splatoon 2 this weekend to check out the latest Splatfest (24-hour themed in-game tournament). After sinking 3 solid hours into Splatfest, I realised I’ve never written about Nintendo’s response to the online multiplayer shooter craze…

If you haven’t checked out the Splatoon franchise before, go Google it. I could try to explain but a few image results or YouTube video will give you the gist much faster than I could type… It’s essentially a 4v4 paintballer.

Diving back in made me remember how special the game is. Splatoon 2 is fast, fluid and a reliable good-time. It does have a single player component (due to be expanded in the Summer) but the big event lies in the online offering. Rounds last just a few minutes and are almost always a tight affair. Worried about jumping in after a few months out, I was impressed to see the game hadn’t left me behind. Most games ‘as a service’ continue to reinvent themselves, but Splatoon has simply added more: new maps, new guns, new clothing items.


With the announcement of the Octo Expansion coming this Summer, I’m excited to see Nintendo double-down on the Splatoon series. Though, it should be no surprise given the series’ impressive sales. Nearly 10 million copies sold across both entries with more around the corner should the new content review positively. And the community is alive and well with regular e-sports competitions and regular exposure in most Switch marketing.

Splatoon 2 isn’t without its problems. There are issues and strange design choices all over the place. Matchmaking is miles away from the norm, but this all kinda plays into Nintendo’s charm. Somehow, they’ve put their family-friendly touch onto the highly saturated online shooter market, and I can’t wait to see them refine Splatoon into something I feel truly impassioned about in years to come.

New Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem and Metroid Prime games are seemingly some time away from hitting the Switch, so to have a fully-supported game as a service from Nintendo to keep us busy is incredibly handy, and I’m chuffed it happens to be Splatoon 2.  With a new Smash Bros. game announced for 2018, it will be interesting to see if support for Splatoon 2 falls off, but either way, we will be able to play as Inklings!


Best wishes y’all.


P.S. Add me as a friend on Switch! Code: SW-1748-9321-6603

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