Getting my Fix…

Lately, I’ve been finding time to do some reading here and there. I’m currently trying to push through Console Wars by Blake Harris – the story of Nintendo vs Sega back in the 90s. But I also smashed through Volume 2 of The Fix


The Fix is a comedy buddy-cop series written by Nick Spencer, starring crooked detectives, corrupt politicians and a police dog named Pretzels. It’s a non-stop ride that puts the punchline above all else. The Fix acts as a nice escape from all the pseudo-serious stories populating all forms of entertainment these days.

Whilst I didn’t enjoy Volume 2 as much as the first, I’m fascinated to see where Spencer takes the series. Cliché story beats are abundant here, but The Fix also has whiffs of originality with it’s in-congruent mix of old-school 80s-esque detective protagonists and their 21st century antagonists (e.g. InstaFamous film-stars and Millennial politicians).

The hopelessly-charming detective duo of Mac and Roy can, at times, be a bit on the nose and play up a little too predictably to the Hawaiian shirt-wearing cop stereotype, but its nothing too egregious. For the most part, The Fix feels like comfort food akin to daytime TV, and I like it for that. Occasionally, though, it takes one step further and provides a good R-rated moment, and I love it for that.

It’s still early days for The Fix, so a good time for you to jump in – it’s a nice reprieve from all the grumpy zombies, wizards and superheroes flooding your screens at the moment.

Best wishes y’all.


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