Time for an update…

I’m just over 3 months into my blogging adventure! What originally started as a competition with my darling Jade, has somehow turned into a rather satisfying vanity project.

My Two Bottle Caps has given new meaning to my nerdy endeavours – I’m more excited to play, watch and read than ever. It’s given me a way to chronicle my hobby; a sort of diary. And when I’m not writing, I can gamify the project by monitoring the site’s analytics. I’m constantly checking which posts got the most hits, and what time of day you are most likely to visit the site.

A couple friends recently asked if I had plans to monetise My Two Bottle Caps, and sadly I had to explain I get nowhere near THAT kind of traffic. That being said, I have no intention of stopping so maybe one day, hey?  But it did make me stop and  think about my goal for the blog…

Initially it was to outperform Jade’s blog, but that went out the window when she starting writing for My2BC and now has the most popular post on the blog… (fml). So why am I doing this? I must admit, it’s nice to receive the odd text from a friend saying they liked a post, or to see a new person following the blog, but that’s not ‘why‘ I’m doing this.

Whatever it is, I’m yet to put my finger on it. For now, I’ll settle on targeting more visitors. The next few months are really ramping up for game and movie releases, too, so would love a few extra voices on the blog. Interested? Let me know! Friend or foe, I’d love to hear from you.

Best wishes y’all.


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