Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp & Switch Teaser?


Hey, Jade again.

Today I’m back to talk about Nintendo’s Animal Crossing mobile app, and rant excitedly about a very interesting teaser they just dropped.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the Animal Crossing franchise, you play as a human in a village inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. The open-ended gameplay revolves around carrying out various daily activities like paying off your mortgage, decorating your home, donating to your local museum, fishing, bug catching and fossil hunting. It’s my favourite thing ever, and I have been sinking hours of my time into one or other of the titles since 2006.

Last November, Nintendo released AC: Pocket Camp, their mobile spin-off of the games. In Pocket Camp your human character takes on the role of camp-site manager, hosting animals at your site and fulfilling their requests, tricking out your campervan Pimp My Ride style and participating in a stream of limited-time events.

As a die-hard fangirl, I was really excited about the app, but it’s far exceeded my expectations. Nintendo has been pretty relentless with in-app events since it’s launch, with each one bringing a new set of limited edition items and tasks to complete including Christmas and New Years ‘crafting’ events and Alice In Wonderland and gothic concert themed ‘gardening games’. It’s great to have a daily dose of characters and a series I love so much, but like many fans, it’s made my impatience for the next installment so much worse.

Since the release of the Nintendo Switch, each time Nintendo has announced a Direct (their video presentations on upcoming games), Twitter has been flooded with cries for either Smash Bros or Animal Crossing.

Since we now know that Smash is on its way… like many, I’ve been hoping an AC announcement is just around the corner. Today, it seems it just might be! I logged into Pocket Camp this morning to be greeted by an announcement that they’re giving away in-game Switch consoles to display in your campsite. Nintendo, you tease…


For me, this as good as confirms that AC: Switch is on its way and I’m looking forward to the announcement at E3 or sooner. I yelled excitedly at Sean for about five minutes after this morning’s news so you can bet I’ll be screaming the house down Game Over Greggy style (skip to 7.30) when the official announcement is here.

If you enjoyed my ramblings, you can find me (posting sporadically) in my own corner of the internet, Here Goes Nothing.

Best wishes y’all.


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