Mobile console games

I’ve heard from plenty of people that the barrier to console gaming is the cost and time investment. Well, lately I’ve been perusing the App Store on my iPhone, shocked to see how many great games have been ported to mobile devices – so today, I’m going to tell you the ones that stood out to me…

Banner Saga 1 & 2

Amazing story driven turn based strategy games, with the third releasing later this year. They’re slow, methodical and seductive. Even better if you’re in to vikings! And definitely play the first one before the second.


A spooky teen drama, with a lot of heart. Definitely one to be played with headphones. Only a couple hours long so perfect for a flight or long train journey.

Inside & Limbo

Some of the creepiest games I’ve ever played. They’re both bleak 2D puzzle platformers from developer Playdead, with so much goddamn polish that they won’t be soon forgotten.

XCOM Enemy Unknown

One of the best tactical games I’ve ever played. You take a squad of elite soldiers into a series of battles against alien invaders. Soldiers who survive each mission, take the additional experience into the next. Great gameplay loop, with bags of tension. Missions will only take 10-20 minutes so a good daily bus commute game.

Bastion & Transistor

The coolest games around. Developer Supergiant knows how to craft a stylish game. Gameplay is very different in each, but both are worth looking at. Best-off looking at some YouTube trailers to get a feel for them.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

One of the best modern RPGs. It’s a deep dive into the Star Wars universe, set thousands of years before the films. If you want something meaty to sink your thumbs into, this is the one. An all-time great story with a killer twist.

There were dozens of other cool surprises on the App Store, like loads of Final Fantasy games, Chrono Trigger, Minecraft, Terreria, Don’t Starve, RollerCoaster Tycoon, etc. – this is just my list of gems.

However, I can’t vouch for how well any of these games play on a mobile device so read a couple reviews before picking any of them up. Each of the titles above is a good place to start if you’re curious about the world of games, and none of them will set you back more than £10/$15.

Best wishes y’all.


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