Sweet, sweet Rocket League.

I’ve been on vacation. I tried hard to write a few posts before I left, and I’ve tried even harder to write since I returned. All attempts have been futile. My saviour has been a reignited love affair with Rocket League

Before my long nine hour flight to Florida, I scoured the Nintendo eShop for something to play. There were plenty of options for sure, but nothing really stood out. I almost fell into the classic trap that is Skyrim, but then my old friend reared it’s head…

Rocket League was a fortunate accident that happened to me years ago. I missed the initial hype when it was launched as a free game for PS Plus subscribers back in 2015. However, when it came to Xbox a good friend bought it for me just so he could play it when staying over. It was love at first sight. I was all over it. I clocked in well over 100 hours of rocket-propelled goodness in weeks.

Rocket League is simply soccer played with rocket-cars that can jump. It’s ridiculously fun. It’s meticulously made. The formula is perfect. The minute-to-minute gameplay cannot be improved. I LOVE it.


Rocket League hasn’t exactly been hiding on the Switch up until now, but I’ve definitely managed to successfully ignore it. It’s regularly topping the charts, but with so much else distracting me this past year, it just never occurred to me that my Switch would be a good home for my old friend. Last week however, I was running out of time and patience and I panic-purchased the little indie darling just in time for my travels. It was such a good idea…

Not only did it help make the flights ‘fly‘ by, but now I squeeze in a quick match literally whenever I have a spare 5 minutes. I could be standing waiting for the kettle to boil, or the toast to ‘pop’. It could be a commercial break on TV. I could be waiting for Jade in the car. Thank all the gods, for my old friend, Rocket League.

If you’re yet to try it out, you really should. If you loved it once, and put it down, then pick it up again. There aren’t many perfect games in this world, but I have no qualms saying Rocket League is one of them.

Best wishes y’all.


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One thought on “Sweet, sweet Rocket League.

  1. I’m with you there. Love Rocket League. It’s got a simple concept, but it’s hard to master. Seriously, how can everybody just fly so easily? lol

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